A sample of Behind Closed Doors – The Masseuse by A.J. Lee

There was a knock at the door,  Charlie was first to work today so she was the one to unlock the door and greet the punter.  She must have had a sixth sense or something, as she didn’t open it wide as normal.   She’d placed her foot behind the door and was pushing it closed.   Maria had looked through the window and quickly  moved to the door, helping Charlie to hold it partially closed.   I didn’t know whether to stay where I was, help them,  or run to the kitchen area.  I froze.  I watched Maria and Charlie pushing the door.   I saw a large black hand gripping at  the door trying to get into the parlour.

‘You can’t come in here, fuck off,’ Charlie shouted at the guy.

Another hand appeared, gripping the door pushing it.  It opened a little more, enough for me to see a face peer in.

‘I’m gonna come in bitch,’ he said  ‘Who’s that  sitting there?   Come on tell me?   Who she with?’

He’d seen me, sat in a frozen state on the sofa.   I wanted to run.  My damn legs wouldn’t move.

‘Dakota, don’t bother us now man.  Come back later, I’ll tell you  then.   Conrad Bossman,  will be here in a minute.  So go now, or we’ll lose our jobs, you won’t want that now, will you?’

She glanced at me, shaking her head.   I had no idea what  I should  do.  I sat shaking, not  able to  move from the spot.   I saw their hands slide away from the door,  as the guys backed off.   Charlie and Maria pushed the door hard.  Clicked the lock.  I heard a loud bang as the door was kicked  in annoyance.   A car engine revved outside then sped off.

‘Fucking hell, we don’t want his ass around us today.’  Maria said.

‘Who is it?’  I asked.  I’d heard the name Dakota mentioned but  another guy was with him.

‘That’s Dakota, and his kiss ass sidekick Jay Jay.  Stay well out of out of their way, whatever you do,’ she warned.  ‘Don’t even look at  him if he comes back.   Make yourself scarce run to the top floor or something.’

‘Who is he exactly?’  Stupid me, had to ask didn’t I.

‘Dakota?  Most dangerous, vicious pimp I’ve ever known.  That  guy with him is Jay Jay, he is always with him to do his dirty work.   They  drive around in a yellow coloured jaguar.   See that you know who it is.  He will try every way he can to get you  working for him.  He won’t care who you are with.’

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