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Do you feel burned out? …. Can’t get motivated today. Energy feels drained. Not feeling good at all. Open your windows. Let out the negative energies around you.

Open your door. Step outside, (or by the opened window if you  can’t get outside) breath in deep, let your breath out slowly. Do this a few times.
Look around you. What do you see?   What do you  hear?  Do you  hear a neighbour mowing the lawn?  Do you  hear, someone playing music a little too loudly?   Do you  hear a car door slammed shut?  or a car alarm being triggered.

Do you hear the birds singing? How many different birds do you hear?

What else do you hear?.

If you have trees close to you.  Look and listen.  Are the branches swaying in a slight breeze touching them. ? Are they still? Standing proud. Now full of  the new seasons leaves, some with blossom. The birds you hear, maybe making their nests in those trees..

Soon there will be the  young chicks, in the nests  being built by the birds you  hear singing.  Then you  can listen, and hear the call of the  chicks wanting to be fed. Squawking loudly for their food.  In a few more weeks you will see the chicks learn to fly.   Only If you continue to step outside, (look out of your window)  take that deep breath. Let out slowly.  Release that negative energy

Look around you, take in what you see and hear. It changes daily.   You  notice more.  Things taken for granted, observed.


It’s mid morning.  I opened all my windows.   Opened my doors.   As I stood outside.  The fresh air hit me.  I felt the light breeze touch my face.   I stretched, then relaxed.  I took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly. This I did three times.  I looked at my surroundings.  I listened intently.

Many birds are singing, I recognise the Blackbird singing the loudest.

A  Wood Pigeon is preening in the Willow tree.   A Magpie flew close,  landing on a hedge.  ( I don’t like them saluted to it, as is a custom).   A Bee buzzed as it hovered above some wild flowers.   A White Cabbage Butterfly floated by in the slight breeze.

A plane passed high in the  clear blue sky.

A dark is barking continuously.  I hope it stops soon.

A neighbour is attempting to put up  a tent, I don’t hear clearly his words of frustration. (maybe a good thing). Another is hanging out her washing.

I feel the heat of the sun, now sending it’s warmth.

It’s the weekend so a lot of activity, other than nature around me.

My Negative thoughts now gone. An increased awareness.  A fresh energy around me

I hope this has helped you.  A halt on the awful start to the day. Maybe yours too.

Have a lovely day and weekend.
AJ 🙂


NEW Writers. Do you find it difficult to give your Characters a name? It’s like finding a babies name. Some help from my experiences writing.

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Naming characters is a challenge. I Gave this plenty of time and thought. I have changed three of my characters names in my memoir a few times. (I could NOT use their real name or WORKING name) It took a while until the name was right for that character as I actually knew them.

I made a list of male and female names. It’s an endless task.  Quite fun though listing so many names.


Character names In YOUR novel, depends of course on your era.. 1920’s names would not fit in 2015 ect.

Your character name is important.
Use different first initials. Not to confuse the reader.
Avoid middle names or initials.
A character you may wish to draw attention to why not use alliterative initials. B.B. G.G. ect..

To find a character name.  You could write a some first  names and surnames on pieces of paper. Jumble  them up pull them out randomly.  See what they look like in front of you. (Your own name generator) 🙂
Names you may never have thought of suddenly look good.

I hope this is helpful,
Happy writing to you all,
AJ 🙂

Bank Holiday today in UK. I am taking a break from writing… Or am I?

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I am going to my  daughters today.   A walk to her home is only  about five minutes away.  Some fresh air and of course the exercise will do me good.  It’s a nice sunny  day.  Makes a change. Bank Holidays, it usually rains.  I do see some rain clouds lurking.

We decided we would do some gardening.  I wonder if I  will  get any ideas come to mind in the middle of  planting the petunias and geraniums.   Where shall I keep  my notepad?  It’s bound to happen.  I can’t think.. . ‘Oh!. I will  write it later.’ Can I ? It will be forgotten.

Have a lovely day all,

and Happy writing.

AJ 🙂


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Below is a guide of things to consider when making a character profile. I did mention before how important and helpful this can be. (Even though in my memoir my characters are real) I still did a character profile. It jogged my memory. As I prepared each one, I remembered things about them I’d forgotten.
Here is my list.      An aid to bring your character to life.
Name:                                         Nickname
Age:                              (Birthday, year)
Any Physical faults. Scars, Tattoos, Birthmarks.
Description: Eye colour, Do they change with their mood?
Hair: Colour,  Is it long, short. A special style. Unwashed, Always looked uncombed.
Dress style:
Relationship status:
Special skills:      ie. if a Vampire what are they?
Natural talents:
Thinks and feels. (Temper, calm and relaxed)
Fears, Strengths, Weaknesses.
Good qualities:
Bad habits. ie. Bite nails
Supernatural powers
General background.

This does depend on what world your character belongs in.

An important thing about this character. Will the readers like of dislike this character.

I hope this is a help to you.
Happy writing,
AJ 🙂

It’s now 6am. I was awake at 4am. The writing bug got me. I could not sleep. I tried. BUT when ideas come to mind. YOU HAVE to write it down.

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It happens a lot.  I awake at some silly time in the morning.   My  mind is full of things I  must put  down on paper.  I will  look at it again later.  See the errors, make the corrections.  Then type it..  Yes.. I had a good flow today.

I will also update the blog on CoCo’s later today.  I also realised I hadn’t written  in the ABOUT section here.  I have now 🙂

I am going to my bed now.  I hope I  can sleep for a while.  No more ideas running through my head.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Happy writing,

AJ 🙂

UPDATE to those who read my – LOST IN THE POST – panic day blog. Thank you for dropping by.

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After many days of  pacing and anxiety, caused at the loss of my amendments to my manuscript pages of my proof book. This was dispatched to my publisher ten days ago. NOT received.

Today, I decided to telephoned my publisher again. ‘Has it arrived?’, I asked, fully anticipating the reply to be ‘NO’.

‘Yes, it just arrived I have it in my hand now.’


Thank goodness SNAIL MAIL exists. It got there in the end.. NOT LOST IN THE POST. Never to be seen again.

A VERY fortunate day for me today.
Happy writing to you all.

AJ 🙂


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I  hadn’t heard from my publisher for over a week. I had corrections to be done on my proof book. I’d sent the pages with the alterations over a week ago. I decided to telephone him and ask if he had received the pages required to be amended. (I had a feeling something wrong.)

I was correct. Sixth sense is wonderful.

NO! … he hadn’t received them. Now I have to find out why it’s… Lost in the POST.

NOT A GOOD start to my day. The fun or NOT of being a writer. I will keep you updated.

Happy writing to you all,