How I prepare for writing my books. It might seem long and drawn out. I find it helps me. A LOT

Before I start writing anything on my computer.   I  have a very large lever arch folder with separators tags.  I make a profile on all my characters.   (my characters actually exist in my memoir, names changed of course).  I write their full description. Looks,hair colour, height, build, their likes and dislikes, Anything I want that character to be. They come to life.    I have a novel planned when my memoir is completed.

I have a  tagged section. Where I prepare the  draft storyline category.   Chapter One. (This will change.  Never worry  about  the beginning you  will alter it, I am sure.  I did several times.)  Chapter Two  or the  title heading of an event I wish to add.

I hand write all.  Leave it for  a few days,  go back fresh and ready  to  re read, alter and  write more.   A notepad and pen always near me  ready to jot down anything that comes to mind with reference to my book.  You see your book progress.

I have  actually read my daily writing out loud into  a small recorder and played it back.   Oh my,  that  can be a shock.  Does it flow.  Does it.  Sometimes NO .. start again.

You do end up with  a folder of references, characters, ideas, plots that you can always refer to.   I have done this for many years and have a lot of information. I did  in fact, journal events during my years in the adult industry.  To the extent of newspaper cuttings on events that occurred on some I worked with. A LARGE envelope for those. I have acquired  quite a few folders of events I use for my memoir.  Some I would have forgotten had I not  kept my records.

Writing this blog.. three times I have made a mug of  tea.  Left to brew, forgotten it.  Horrible and cold.  Now going to make a fresh one stand by it this time .

Happy writing all

4 Responses to “How I prepare for writing my books. It might seem long and drawn out. I find it helps me. A LOT”

  1. I do something similar– I find it helpful to write the scenes I want added in the book on notecards, and then once all the notecards are written out I put them in order.

  2. I spend a decent amount of time on character wheels and plotting before I start writing, too. It gives me a sense of direction.

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