3rd. snippet from my book. – Behind Closed Doors. The Masseuse. by A.J. Lee – CoCo’s Massage Parlour needed staff. I applied. The interview was certainly an eye opener.

CoCo’s Massage Parlour, needed staff.   I didn’t want to go back to the office agency work, even though I was still on call with them, should I  wish to continue.   I wanted to find another job as a masseuse, and quickly.   I don’t know what   made me want to stay in this work,  all the fighting  and things that had happened so far.   Yes I do, the money…I made a great  deal more.

I did as promised to  Charlie.   I dialled the number she had given me.

‘Hello, CoCo’s Massage Parlour, how may I help you?’

This took me by  surprise, a very  friendly way  the girl answered the phone.  ‘I’m enquiring about  the vacancy advertised in the paper.’

‘Have you  worked before?’

‘Yes,’   I informed her,  I had worked before – not long, but yes I had – not a novice now.

‘When can you  come in for an interview?’

‘Tomorrow.’  I told her, I wanted to get working as soon as possible.   I would also  have to change my working name.   Dakota and the girls at Ophelia knew me as Nikki.

‘Yes, you  can come in any time tomorrow, the boss, Gavin, will be in all day.  What’s your name?’

I decided I’d use my  working name from now on, I wasn’t going to give my  real name again.

‘Nikki,’ I informed her.  ‘I’ll be there about two.’

‘Okay, we’ll see you  tomorrow, bye.’  Click, she’d hung up.   That was short and abrupt,  after the real friendly  approach.  But… then I  wasn’t a punter.

I arrived for my interview at two exactly, this place was very small in comparison to Ophelia.

Another place with a small porch entrance before the main door.   I knocked,  I was still nervous, my heart pounding, my  mouth dry.   The door opened immediately,  by a tall pale looking girl, with scraggy bleached permed long blonde hair.  The smell of her perfume was overpowering – took my breath away.

‘I’m Nikki, I’ve come for my interview,’  I informed her, as I followed her into the room.

‘Have a seat,’ she told me, nodding to the vacant chair next to a girl sat  reading a magazine.   ‘I’m Gale, that’s Holly.   Gavin the owner here had to pop out  a moment, he won’t be long.’

The girl named Holly, just glanced up at me,  smiled and continued to read her magazine.   I sat  as she’d asked, looked around the room,  I assumed this to be the reception area.   Quite different from Ophelia.   This was a dull drab looking place.  Paint coming off the dark brown walls in places.   The chair was well worn and uncomfortable.  Dark brown dusty – looking velvet curtains hung untidily at the small squared window,  the blotchy cream coloured net curtains appeared to be stuck to the window.   They  may have been white at one time,  now discoloured by  nicotine.

A dark brown carpet, thread bare in places.   The smell of the room,   other than the girls perfume that wafted in my  direction at  times, was horrible.  My description of that  would be damp, musky, and nicotine blend.   I heard keys jingling in the lock of the door.   A man entered,  he walked hurriedly to the small reception desk.  He had not spoken.   The girls sat, in silence.  I sensed a tension.  Not a good feeling.   He picked up  a pile of papers,  looking through them.   My  nerves were beginning to get the better of me.   Should I  stay or leave.   Another male boss.

‘I’ve put  five pounds float, in fifty pences in the cash box, okay  girls?’   he told them, breaking  the silence.   Replacing  a cash box into a drawer.

Nobody answered him.   I noticed the girls glance at  each other, rolling their eyes.  I looked at  him intently;  how different this  guy looked,  such a contrast compared to  Conrad, owner of Ophelia, who was I would say was in his late thirties, over six feet tall, blonde, curly hair, blue eyes and I would say yes – handsome.   A gentleman in his manner.  This guy was maybe mid-thirties, dwarf-like, about five six, dumpy build, short dark greased back hair,  dark beady  eyes.  He looked Italian.

‘This is Nikki, she’s come about  the job.’  Gale told him.

‘Well,  if you two will disappear to the kitchen for a while I’ll have a word with Nikki.’  he curtly replied to her.

They  both immediately left the room.   He walked across the room, to where I was sitting,  I thought he would sit also.   No, he stood near me,  maybe he felt taller as i was seated.

‘Right, my name is Gavin,’  he began.  ‘A few questions I have to ask you.  Firstly, where have you  worked before?’

‘I worked at Ophelia for the past six months,’  I lied,  ‘ I left a few days ago.’  I added feeling uncomfortable in his presence.

‘Why did you  leave?’

I had to lie again,  I didn’t  want to say because a bad ass pimp was after my ass.  Or he would think I’d bring trouble to his place.  Which it would if Dakota found me.

‘This place is more convenient for me.’   I didn’t know what to say, that sounded a bit lame.

‘Have you  got any convictions?’

‘Have I what!’  I gasped, in surprise.

How dare the cheeky little bastard ask me that.   Me, convictions.   I was shocked,   Conrad didn’t ask such a question.   What does he think he’s got working for him Nuns?

‘I said…’  he continued,  Have you  got any convictions?   Do I get an answer?  Or do I check with the police,  they’ll tell me you  know?’

Well this was an eye opener interview, check with the police will he,  wonder how he can do that,  when he doesn’t have information on me.   Stupid fucking idiot.

‘No,  I haven’t.  I’ve only  worked in a massage parlour.   Do I look like I work the streets?’  I replied indignantly.  ‘You can check anything you  want.’

My mind was reeling;  did I  really want to work in this  dump of a place, for this shit head?  Conrad was nice.  If only Dakota would leave me alone,  I  would have stayed there.  But he wouldn’t.

‘Have you worked anywhere else, other than Ophelia?   I’ll have to phone Conrad, and ask him about you,’  he continued.  ‘Give me your telephone number.’

‘I’m not on the phone,’  I lied again.  ‘I’m waiting for one to  be put in.’

I was getting  more annoyed by  the minute.   I was past caring now.  If I didn’t get the job,  I  would  go back to the office work for a while.  No other place were advertising for massage staff at the moment.  I’ve now met THE  GOOD in Conrad, THE  BAD in  this fucking shit head, and yes, met THE UGLY in Dakota the PIMP.

‘Tell you what  I’m prepared to do.’ he continued.  ‘You  can come in here tomorrow, we open ten thirty, the shift  finishes at four- thirty.   You won’t deal with  any punters until I’ve seen  how you  massage.  Girls have been here before,  telling me they  can massage, they haven’t got a clue.  Just want the money  off the punters.  You will show me how you  massage,  I want to see what you  can do.  Is that a problem?’

I must have looked dumbfounded,  I  was.  Luckily I didn’t think for one moment he would offer me a job here.  I didn’t like the atmosphere in this place.  I definitely didn’t like this guy.  I decided to give it a try.  Would be experience, and I  would know how another massage parlour operated.   I knew not to ask what  the prices were here.  He would probably  of snapped my head off.

‘Yes, alright,  I’ll come in tomorrow…I’ve been massaging for the past six months though, and had good training.’

‘I’ll be the judge of that tomorrow,’  he snapped.  ‘Oh… one other matter,  your not  to use the telephone here,  this is a business, you  deal with your personal affairs in your own time.’

‘What the hell was I  doing,  I should of run a mile.   This guy is a really horrible little dictator.   He owns a parlour so  what,  he makes a living off the girls.   Why  doe she have to be such a prick.

I left the place feeling drained, and annoyed.  Did I really want to work for him.   I had no idea what  lay  ahead.

To be continued.. this was not over….

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