It’s happened to me.

The past three days I had a rush of inspiration. I had to put pen to paper. Noting everything down as it came to mind.

Now my ideas and thoughts are referenced. I have to leave it for a while… Take a break.

As I stood from my chair and stretched, I saw the spiders  in their many cobwebs… they look up at me aghast, as I came toward them wielding my  feather duster… Time to clean. Now their homes will be gone … until my next writing marathon.
I have to cook a decent meal. Yes, I realise I  am very  hungry. Not grab another snack, as I have for the past  few days.

Once fed and watered.  I’ll  be ready and fresh in my mind to re read my work. Make the alterations and amendments. A busy few days. That hasn’t happened for a while.

How many have had that happen? Nothing else matters, you have to write it down or it will be gone. You can’t say ‘Oh I’ll write that later.’ It doesn’t come back.

Have a nice weekend all,
and happy writing.


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