NEW Writers. Do you find it difficult to give your Characters a name? It’s like finding a babies name. Some help from my experiences writing.

Naming characters is a challenge. I Gave this plenty of time and thought. I have changed three of my characters names in my memoir a few times. (I could NOT use their real name or WORKING name) It took a while until the name was right for that character as I actually knew them.

I made a list of male and female names. It’s an endless task.  Quite fun though listing so many names.


Character names In YOUR novel, depends of course on your era.. 1920’s names would not fit in 2015 ect.

Your character name is important.
Use different first initials. Not to confuse the reader.
Avoid middle names or initials.
A character you may wish to draw attention to why not use alliterative initials. B.B. G.G. ect..

To find a character name.  You could write a some first  names and surnames on pieces of paper. Jumble  them up pull them out randomly.  See what they look like in front of you. (Your own name generator) 🙂
Names you may never have thought of suddenly look good.

I hope this is helpful,
Happy writing to you all,
AJ 🙂

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