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On the 1st of June I asked this same question. Can you write 50.000 words of your proposed novel in a month? How did you do? I must admit, I didn’t get there. I have hand written a great deal of my second book. Not typed it yet. The writing of my second book,  a  follow on series of events from my first, is difficult. I realized some readers may obtain the second, not having read the first.  I now know what I have to do .. phew…

Lets all try in the month of July to reach the goal of 50,000 words.
If you can write 1,613 words a day, this will equal 50,0003 words for the month.

If you write more well done.  If you  write less… try for 3,000 the next day.

Whether you  reach the goal or not you.  It’s kick started you into  writing every  day.

Wednesday is the day to start, so prepare be ready. Can you do it?
I am certainly going to try and get my first draft completed this month.

Please let me know how you get on. I’d love to know.

I will add my facebook link to a blog in the first week of July. should you wish to contact me with your progression or a chat 🙂 …

Happy writing to you all,
AJ 🙂



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Each day I take a Tarot card. My message guide for the day.

Today I had the Ace of Coins.
The Message of the card.
An opportunity is coming your way has good potential. This is a time to get started..
Your plan, idea needs to make it into the physical world.
The investment of time, and energy or other resources is needed. It’s a good time to get started and the new venture is very promising.
I had to mention this as I have been holding back a little on my second book. Too many distractions. Yes, I have handwritten a great deal. I needed a push to collate it. That card has motivated me.
Do you have a moment of lapse or self doubt?
I have cleansed my room today. A feeling of calm. Motivation. I will  get my writing in order. See it unfold as it should. I must admit I was astonished at this message.
They say everything happens for a reason.

Blessings and Happy writing to all
AJ 🙂

A BIG thank you to all you lovely people.

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I thank all who  have visited my blog pages.  It’s such a great feeling to be in touch with so many people from all over the world.  I look on my stats map.  It’s so nice to  see Countries we are in touch  with.

Today in UK the weather is horrible.  Rain, Thunder, and flash floods in some areas. not as warm as it should be for this time of year. Where is our Summer?    But for us writers we don’t always see the weather outside.  We are in our own little world of fantasy.  Thank  goodness for that.

I send sprinkles of happiness and good health to you all.

Have a great day,

AJ 🙂

Today I began writing more on my Memoirs. The second book. This was disrupted. Annoying, but forgiven.

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Early this morning I began writing more on the second book of my memoirs.   My intention to  collate the information from my notes.   Set it in order before I type it.

I’d given my written work a few weeks break.  I  read through the pages hand written. Now I can see the errors.

Then I was pounced upon by the cat.  Who didn’t want a cuddle.  No!,  he decided to sit on the papers, grab at my pen as I wrote.  I had to stop writing.  He then curled up  to sleep on my notes.   Writing had to stop for a while, I didn’t want to make him  move.  So kind aren’t I?

I left him asleep stretched out, comfortable and warm on the paper.

I made a coffee, took this with me into the garden,   Time to get some fresh air.    I had more ideas come to mind while I inspected the roses. Looking for the awful greenfly.   The ideas are now on my ipad.  I will write them into the appropriate sections later.  The Cat is still sleeping.  Unaware. he had helped,  the disturbance was forgiven.

Happy writing to you  all,

AJ 🙂


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I had for a long time read the same genre of books. The same authors.

Several years ago I decided it was time to change my reading genre.  Widen my range of genre and authors. I read every day.

For many years  I read a lot of Romance books. I now prefer Crime/Detective Fiction.
My bookshelves are more interesting, full of many different genres and authors. Not shelves of the same. There are Mystery, Westerns, Classic, Thrillers, Adventure, Vampire books too. ‘Touch the Dark’ by Karen Chance. Was very interesting.

At the moment I am reading ‘Fear Nothing’ by Lisa Gardener.

What are you reading? I would like to know.

New writers read as much as you can.. It helps you a great deal.
It certainly helped me.

Have a lovely day all,
Happy writing.
AJ 🙂

NEW WRITERS – DIALOGUE. Are you finding it difficult to write it? Do you ask yourself. How do I put across my characters tone of voice?

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It’s surprisingly easy. Write short action sentences, including dialogue, brief and too the point. Read it back aloud, after you have written it. Be that character. Read it as if you in the drama.

Have you noticed Dialogue as we speak isn’t perfect. Is it?

Remember the tone of voice too. That tells the reader the way he/she is speaking. Is he/she excited, suspicious, nervous ect.

People also make noises, grunts, clears his throat, sniffed belched, etc to show their feelings.

The more FUNCTIONS your dialogue  performs, the more dramatic your story will be.

Watch people in conversation… Look at their actions. Listen to their speech. What did you see and hear? ( As a writer of course.)
If this is not possible. You can also look in more detail with your writers head on, at TV dramas or films.

Remember write a small scene. With Action and Dialogue. Read it back ALOUD.

I hope this has been a help to you,

Happy writing,

AJ 🙂

1st. of June. Ready, get set GO. Can you write 50,000 words this month? Of course you can.

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Okay, its the first of June.  You have your ideas for your novel.  It’s there.  You’ve been thinking about it for a while.   You have your characters,  you may have even made your notes.   You have your characters. You have your plot. Your genre.

So come on get it started.   Then go  with  the flow.  Write…write. See if you can get to the 50,000 words in a month.  If you don’t.  You will have a chunk of your novel done.  You  will feel motivated to continue.  You get your First draft completed.

I’d love to know how you progress.

Maybe one day a sentence, the next a paragraph.  Then you  can’t stop.   It’s going well.

I’d love to know how you progress.

Happy writing,

AJ 🙂