NEW WRITERS – DIALOGUE. Are you finding it difficult to write it? Do you ask yourself. How do I put across my characters tone of voice?

It’s surprisingly easy. Write short action sentences, including dialogue, brief and too the point. Read it back aloud, after you have written it. Be that character. Read it as if you in the drama.

Have you noticed Dialogue as we speak isn’t perfect. Is it?

Remember the tone of voice too. That tells the reader the way he/she is speaking. Is he/she excited, suspicious, nervous ect.

People also make noises, grunts, clears his throat, sniffed belched, etc to show their feelings.

The more FUNCTIONS your dialogue  performs, the more dramatic your story will be.

Watch people in conversation… Look at their actions. Listen to their speech. What did you see and hear? ( As a writer of course.)
If this is not possible. You can also look in more detail with your writers head on, at TV dramas or films.

Remember write a small scene. With Action and Dialogue. Read it back ALOUD.

I hope this has been a help to you,

Happy writing,

AJ 🙂

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