Today I began writing more on my Memoirs. The second book. This was disrupted. Annoying, but forgiven.

Early this morning I began writing more on the second book of my memoirs.   My intention to  collate the information from my notes.   Set it in order before I type it.

I’d given my written work a few weeks break.  I  read through the pages hand written. Now I can see the errors.

Then I was pounced upon by the cat.  Who didn’t want a cuddle.  No!,  he decided to sit on the papers, grab at my pen as I wrote.  I had to stop writing.  He then curled up  to sleep on my notes.   Writing had to stop for a while, I didn’t want to make him  move.  So kind aren’t I?

I left him asleep stretched out, comfortable and warm on the paper.

I made a coffee, took this with me into the garden,   Time to get some fresh air.    I had more ideas come to mind while I inspected the roses. Looking for the awful greenfly.   The ideas are now on my ipad.  I will write them into the appropriate sections later.  The Cat is still sleeping.  Unaware. he had helped,  the disturbance was forgiven.

Happy writing to you  all,

AJ 🙂

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