Each day I take a Tarot card. My message guide for the day.

Today I had the Ace of Coins.
The Message of the card.
An opportunity is coming your way has good potential. This is a time to get started..
Your plan, idea needs to make it into the physical world.
The investment of time, and energy or other resources is needed. It’s a good time to get started and the new venture is very promising.
I had to mention this as I have been holding back a little on my second book. Too many distractions. Yes, I have handwritten a great deal. I needed a push to collate it. That card has motivated me.
Do you have a moment of lapse or self doubt?
I have cleansed my room today. A feeling of calm. Motivation. I will  get my writing in order. See it unfold as it should. I must admit I was astonished at this message.
They say everything happens for a reason.

Blessings and Happy writing to all
AJ 🙂

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