Are you ready? Today is the start day for your writing project… 50.000 words in the Month of July.

Today is the day 1st July, are you ready to start, and write 50.000 words of your proposed Novel.  Are you prepared.  Can you do it?

I am certainly going  to do my best this month.

Don’t  worry about the beginning.  Just  write. This is your first draft.  Alterations and amendments can be added or deleted on the re write second draft.

This project  will get you into the habit of writing every day.  If you  don’t quite get to the 50.000 words, this has got you started and in the habit of writing every day.

If you  can write  1613  words a day it will get you to the target  50.003

That doesn’t mean you  have  to write that amount of words each day.  One day you  may  have a great flow of writing.  Another not so  much.  Just keep writing.  Get that book you’ve always wanted to write started.

Happy writing to you  all

AJ 🙂

4 Responses to “Are you ready? Today is the start day for your writing project… 50.000 words in the Month of July.”

  1. This is very helpful and inspiring.

    I am a fifteen year old writer and I’m having a lot of fun with my first novel.

    I’m a bit nervous about my final word limit as my first chapter clocks 5.5 novel size pages. Double sided. Novel paper size.

    Any pointers?

    Will this be too short?

    – Jason

    • Hi Jason, So pleased you found this helpful. Writing your first draft. A4 paper, single page. Double space is the norm but to get your first draft don’t worry too much on that. Just get your story on it’s way. The second draft you tidy up. This I hope will encourage new writers to get started. A novel of 50.000 is to get started. Let me know how you get on. Happy writing to you 🙂

      • No you mis understood the question.

        I am not concerned about my first draft.

        When the book is published my first chapter will only measure to be 5.5 pages in length. This includes double sided.

        My question was the in the final product – will this be long enough?

      • Sorry Jason, Yes I did misunderstand your question. There is no set rule on length of chapters. The number of pages vary according to the final number of words. Most Novels are 70.000 words plus. There are no set rules. When completed, your publisher would advise you. I wish you good luck and happy writing.

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