Hi there,
Thanks for dropping by.

A little about me. I live in Bristol UK. (Where it’s said we talk like Pirates) Maybe that’s where Johnny Depp came to get his accent for Jack Sparrow …haha.

( I don’t talk like a Pirate… only when riled).   Wouldn’t of been good working  in an office.

I am now retired…thank goodness. I  have the time to finish my memoirs.  Blow the dust off of my many journals.    I wrote about the adventures of the day when I worked in the Adult Industry.   (My intention to write my memoirs  when I retired.)

Before my change of occupation, I was  a Secretary and an Administrator in Staff Training.  I preferred temping.  Always something different. Not the same routine day in day  out.

How did I get involved in the Adult scene?  It was quite by accident. Well the persuasion of a friend.  I can say it was never a dull moment.  I wasn’t content at being a Masseuse in a Massage Parlour.   I  became a Madam and Dominatrix.

My first book is published.  Behind Closed Doors The masseuse by A.J. Lee.    I have so much to write about  that I decided to do a series.   I am  now writing the second bookThe Madam.


Here is my facebook link should you wish to take a look.



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