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NEW WRITERS – How are you progressing on the 50,000 words in the Month of July Challenge?

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I gave a challenge on the 1st. of July.  Can you write 50,000 words of your proposed Novel, in a month.  Yesterday I reached 8,245 words (typed) on my second book.  Behind Closed Doors – The Madam.   I hand write first,  (not counted) then read through, make corrections, before typing onto my  manuscript.

How have you done so far?   Even if you don’t reach the 50.000 words. It will help you get into the habit of daily writing.

Happy writing to you all,

AJ 🙂

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Today I began writing more on my Memoirs. The second book. This was disrupted. Annoying, but forgiven.

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Early this morning I began writing more on the second book of my memoirs.   My intention to  collate the information from my notes.   Set it in order before I type it.

I’d given my written work a few weeks break.  I  read through the pages hand written. Now I can see the errors.

Then I was pounced upon by the cat.  Who didn’t want a cuddle.  No!,  he decided to sit on the papers, grab at my pen as I wrote.  I had to stop writing.  He then curled up  to sleep on my notes.   Writing had to stop for a while, I didn’t want to make him  move.  So kind aren’t I?

I left him asleep stretched out, comfortable and warm on the paper.

I made a coffee, took this with me into the garden,   Time to get some fresh air.    I had more ideas come to mind while I inspected the roses. Looking for the awful greenfly.   The ideas are now on my ipad.  I will write them into the appropriate sections later.  The Cat is still sleeping.  Unaware. he had helped,  the disturbance was forgiven.

Happy writing to you  all,

AJ 🙂


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I had for a long time read the same genre of books. The same authors.

Several years ago I decided it was time to change my reading genre.  Widen my range of genre and authors. I read every day.

For many years  I read a lot of Romance books. I now prefer Crime/Detective Fiction.
My bookshelves are more interesting, full of many different genres and authors. Not shelves of the same. There are Mystery, Westerns, Classic, Thrillers, Adventure, Vampire books too. ‘Touch the Dark’ by Karen Chance. Was very interesting.

At the moment I am reading ‘Fear Nothing’ by Lisa Gardener.

What are you reading? I would like to know.

New writers read as much as you can.. It helps you a great deal.
It certainly helped me.

Have a lovely day all,
Happy writing.
AJ 🙂

NEW Writers. Do you find it difficult to give your Characters a name? It’s like finding a babies name. Some help from my experiences writing.

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Naming characters is a challenge. I Gave this plenty of time and thought. I have changed three of my characters names in my memoir a few times. (I could NOT use their real name or WORKING name) It took a while until the name was right for that character as I actually knew them.

I made a list of male and female names. It’s an endless task.  Quite fun though listing so many names.


Character names In YOUR novel, depends of course on your era.. 1920’s names would not fit in 2015 ect.

Your character name is important.
Use different first initials. Not to confuse the reader.
Avoid middle names or initials.
A character you may wish to draw attention to why not use alliterative initials. B.B. G.G. ect..

To find a character name.  You could write a some first  names and surnames on pieces of paper. Jumble  them up pull them out randomly.  See what they look like in front of you. (Your own name generator) 🙂
Names you may never have thought of suddenly look good.

I hope this is helpful,
Happy writing to you all,
AJ 🙂


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Below is a guide of things to consider when making a character profile. I did mention before how important and helpful this can be. (Even though in my memoir my characters are real) I still did a character profile. It jogged my memory. As I prepared each one, I remembered things about them I’d forgotten.
Here is my list.      An aid to bring your character to life.
Name:                                         Nickname
Age:                              (Birthday, year)
Any Physical faults. Scars, Tattoos, Birthmarks.
Description: Eye colour, Do they change with their mood?
Hair: Colour,  Is it long, short. A special style. Unwashed, Always looked uncombed.
Dress style:
Relationship status:
Special skills:      ie. if a Vampire what are they?
Natural talents:
Thinks and feels. (Temper, calm and relaxed)
Fears, Strengths, Weaknesses.
Good qualities:
Bad habits. ie. Bite nails
Supernatural powers
General background.

This does depend on what world your character belongs in.

An important thing about this character. Will the readers like of dislike this character.

I hope this is a help to you.
Happy writing,
AJ 🙂

It’s now 6am. I was awake at 4am. The writing bug got me. I could not sleep. I tried. BUT when ideas come to mind. YOU HAVE to write it down.

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It happens a lot.  I awake at some silly time in the morning.   My  mind is full of things I  must put  down on paper.  I will  look at it again later.  See the errors, make the corrections.  Then type it..  Yes.. I had a good flow today.

I will also update the blog on CoCo’s later today.  I also realised I hadn’t written  in the ABOUT section here.  I have now 🙂

I am going to my bed now.  I hope I  can sleep for a while.  No more ideas running through my head.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Happy writing,

AJ 🙂


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I  hadn’t heard from my publisher for over a week. I had corrections to be done on my proof book. I’d sent the pages with the alterations over a week ago. I decided to telephone him and ask if he had received the pages required to be amended. (I had a feeling something wrong.)

I was correct. Sixth sense is wonderful.

NO! … he hadn’t received them. Now I have to find out why it’s… Lost in the POST.

NOT A GOOD start to my day. The fun or NOT of being a writer. I will keep you updated.

Happy writing to you all,