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What are you reading at the moment? How many books have you read. New Writers you must read as many books as you can. It does help with your writing.

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I read all the time. It has helped a great  deal with  my  writing.  Many different genre’s  Here is a  list of some of my favourite authors-  Lee Child, James Patterson, Robert Crais, E.L. James, Karen Chance, Simon Kernick, Louis L’amour, Ralph,Cotton, Robert Goddard,Charles G. West, Agatha Christie,Lisa Gardner,Karen Slaughter, Terry  Pratchett, Jacky Collins, Sylvia Day, Charles G. West, Rachel Vincent, Maeve Binchey, Catherine Gaskin, Danielle Steele, Judith Krantz, Margaret Mitchell,Penny Vincenzi, Shakespeare – Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favourite one of his.

List  the authors of books you  have read?  Mix your genre.

Happy writing,




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Each day I take a Tarot card. My message guide for the day.

Today I had the Ace of Coins.
The Message of the card.
An opportunity is coming your way has good potential. This is a time to get started..
Your plan, idea needs to make it into the physical world.
The investment of time, and energy or other resources is needed. It’s a good time to get started and the new venture is very promising.
I had to mention this as I have been holding back a little on my second book. Too many distractions. Yes, I have handwritten a great deal. I needed a push to collate it. That card has motivated me.
Do you have a moment of lapse or self doubt?
I have cleansed my room today. A feeling of calm. Motivation. I will  get my writing in order. See it unfold as it should. I must admit I was astonished at this message.
They say everything happens for a reason.

Blessings and Happy writing to all
AJ 🙂

UPDATE to those who read my – LOST IN THE POST – panic day blog. Thank you for dropping by.

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After many days of  pacing and anxiety, caused at the loss of my amendments to my manuscript pages of my proof book. This was dispatched to my publisher ten days ago. NOT received.

Today, I decided to telephoned my publisher again. ‘Has it arrived?’, I asked, fully anticipating the reply to be ‘NO’.

‘Yes, it just arrived I have it in my hand now.’


Thank goodness SNAIL MAIL exists. It got there in the end.. NOT LOST IN THE POST. Never to be seen again.

A VERY fortunate day for me today.
Happy writing to you all.

AJ 🙂

Weekend is here. How about some writing fun

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This  helped me a great  deal.  It made me think A LOT.  Characters, situation,  interactions.  You could try  it. I’d love to know how you  get on.

write 200 – 300 words on two or three characters in conflict.

Decide upon an a dramatic incident.  This can be from your daily life or a newspaper item.

With a beginning, middle and end.  Get your thinking  cap on ..

Happy  writing.