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Each day I take a Tarot card. My message guide for the day.

Today I had the Ace of Coins.
The Message of the card.
An opportunity is coming your way has good potential. This is a time to get started..
Your plan, idea needs to make it into the physical world.
The investment of time, and energy or other resources is needed. It’s a good time to get started and the new venture is very promising.
I had to mention this as I have been holding back a little on my second book. Too many distractions. Yes, I have handwritten a great deal. I needed a push to collate it. That card has motivated me.
Do you have a moment of lapse or self doubt?
I have cleansed my room today. A feeling of calm. Motivation. I will  get my writing in order. See it unfold as it should. I must admit I was astonished at this message.
They say everything happens for a reason.

Blessings and Happy writing to all
AJ ūüôā



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Do you feel burned out? …. Can’t get motivated today. Energy feels drained. Not feeling good at all. Open your windows. Let out the negative energies around you.

Open your door. Step outside, (or by the opened window if you ¬†can’t get outside) breath in deep, let your breath out slowly. Do this a few times.
Look around you. What do you see?   What do you  hear?  Do you  hear a neighbour mowing the lawn?  Do you  hear, someone playing music a little too loudly?   Do you  hear a car door slammed shut?  or a car alarm being triggered.

Do you hear the birds singing? How many different birds do you hear?

What else do you hear?.

If you have trees close to you.  Look and listen.  Are the branches swaying in a slight breeze touching them. ? Are they still? Standing proud. Now full of  the new seasons leaves, some with blossom. The birds you hear, maybe making their nests in those trees..

Soon there will be the  young chicks, in the nests  being built by the birds you  hear singing.  Then you  can listen, and hear the call of the  chicks wanting to be fed. Squawking loudly for their food.  In a few more weeks you will see the chicks learn to fly.   Only If you continue to step outside, (look out of your window)  take that deep breath. Let out slowly.  Release that negative energy

Look around you, take in what you see and hear. It changes daily.   You  notice more.  Things taken for granted, observed.


It’s mid morning. ¬†I opened all my windows. ¬† Opened my doors. ¬† As I stood outside. ¬†The fresh air hit me. ¬†I felt the light breeze touch my face. ¬† I stretched, then relaxed. ¬†I took in a deep breath, exhaling slowly. This I did three times. ¬†I looked at my surroundings. ¬†I listened intently.

Many birds are singing, I recognise the Blackbird singing the loudest.

A ¬†Wood Pigeon is preening in the Willow tree. ¬† A Magpie flew close, ¬†landing on a hedge. ¬†( I don’t like them saluted to it, as is a custom). ¬† A Bee buzzed as it hovered above some wild flowers. ¬† A White Cabbage Butterfly floated by in the slight breeze.

A plane passed high in the  clear blue sky.

A dark is barking continuously.  I hope it stops soon.

A neighbour is attempting to put up ¬†a tent, I don’t hear clearly his words of frustration. (maybe a good thing). Another is hanging out her washing.

I feel the heat of the sun, now sending it’s warmth.

It’s the weekend so a lot of activity, other than nature around me.

My Negative thoughts now gone. An increased awareness.  A fresh energy around me

I hope this has helped you.  A halt on the awful start to the day. Maybe yours too.

Have a lovely day and weekend.
AJ ūüôā