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The PEN of disaster

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I have been absent from my regular blogging for a few months.  The reason.  I blame a PEN.   It fell from my desk and rolled a distance under.  I reached and stretched to retrieve it.  This caused a slipped disc.  Very painful indeed.   Oh… but.. that’s not the end.  Not being able to sit at my desk top and type I’ve hand written  a lot of the work of my second book.    I thought I’d try and update my manuscript.  Then update my blog.  I stood from a chair my left leg gave way (numbness in my left leg due to the slipped disc)  I crashed to the floor hitting my back on a small table, cut my arm on a ring binder, twisted my left foot.  I thought I’d broken my  toes.  Fortunately is badly bruised not broken   My foot and toes are still black, swollen and painful.. a walking stick now an aid to walking.  I’ll be happy when I don’t need that any more.

I hope that very soon I’ll be b logging regular again.   THE PEN has a lot to answer too.  My second book in progress will always have the tag THE PEN of disaster.

Take care all… be careful how you  pick things up from the floor.

Happy writing

AJ 🙂


What are you reading at the moment? How many books have you read. New Writers you must read as many books as you can. It does help with your writing.

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I read all the time. It has helped a great  deal with  my  writing.  Many different genre’s  Here is a  list of some of my favourite authors-  Lee Child, James Patterson, Robert Crais, E.L. James, Karen Chance, Simon Kernick, Louis L’amour, Ralph,Cotton, Robert Goddard,Charles G. West, Agatha Christie,Lisa Gardner,Karen Slaughter, Terry  Pratchett, Jacky Collins, Sylvia Day, Charles G. West, Rachel Vincent, Maeve Binchey, Catherine Gaskin, Danielle Steele, Judith Krantz, Margaret Mitchell,Penny Vincenzi, Shakespeare – Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favourite one of his.

List  the authors of books you  have read?  Mix your genre.

Happy writing,


NEW WRITERS – How are you progressing on the 50,000 words in the Month of July Challenge?

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I gave a challenge on the 1st. of July.  Can you write 50,000 words of your proposed Novel, in a month.  Yesterday I reached 8,245 words (typed) on my second book.  Behind Closed Doors – The Madam.   I hand write first,  (not counted) then read through, make corrections, before typing onto my  manuscript.

How have you done so far?   Even if you don’t reach the 50.000 words. It will help you get into the habit of daily writing.

Happy writing to you all,

AJ 🙂

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I can’t sleep, my mind won’t shut down. Write, write. I have to get up it’s 4.30am.

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Yes, it’s 4.30 am. My mind wouldn’t rest.  I have to get up, make a cup of tea.  Maybe then I can try and sleep again.  I have my drink, climb back into bed.  It’s no good,  I still can’t get to sleep. Now 6.00 am.  I again get out of bed.  Put the kettle on for another cup of tea.  I have to write, get the  those ideas keeping me awake on paper.   I’d better set about it now.  Write, write, such is the life of a writer.  Sleep…later.

Happy writing,

A.J. 🙂

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