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I  hadn’t heard from my publisher for over a week. I had corrections to be done on my proof book. I’d sent the pages with the alterations over a week ago. I decided to telephone him and ask if he had received the pages required to be amended. (I had a feeling something wrong.)

I was correct. Sixth sense is wonderful.

NO! … he hadn’t received them. Now I have to find out why it’s… Lost in the POST.

NOT A GOOD start to my day. The fun or NOT of being a writer. I will keep you updated.

Happy writing to you all,



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In the 1980’s and 90’s I worked as a Masseuse. I later became a Madam.

When working in the room we had a menu. This listed different services we could do. SEX was NOT on the list. (It was instant dismissal if a girl did this service and caught)
The Owner of a Massage Parlour, could have the place closed if Sex was a service on their premises.

Why did they visit? Sexual services yes… BUT many other reasons too.

Companionship … Some are lonely. Nobody to talk to. They want a chat and maybe a cuddle. Nothing else.

The guy too  shy …Can’t talk to girls… Brave.. visit a Massage parlour. We are friendly…. Once they get over the shaking and stutters. They become regular callers until they are confident. Leave us. Job well done.

A Masseuse – not a Mistress… They have a regular masseuse, not classed as having an affair. Cheaper and no hassle. (Some have the same regular masseuse for many years.)

Some have ….A Sauna and a massage only NO additional services. Those were called straights.  (Not good to get one of those)  We earned no  extra money.
There are a lot of guys who have Secret Fantasies and scenarios they like us to act out with them. Some give us written instructions.  Things they wouldn’t ask the wife, partner or girlfriend to do.

These  are Cross Dressers, TV’s, Spankings, Bondage, Humiliation. Plus the VERY unusual requests. We do the scenarios and requests in a professional manner. We become good actors.

There are way too many to mention in detail some are scary some hilarious encounters..  (I have a lot in detail my first book.)

I will briefly mention one unusual request that comes to mind this was the Bun Man. (We do give our funny Nick names to the punters who  visit regularly.)
He liked the girl to stand Naked in front of a polythene covered wall in the room. He brought with him a dozen Dairy Cream and Jam buns. These he would through at the girl, once it hit her she had to rub the cream bun over her body. He used eleven. Bun number twelve was used for his relief. He left a Happy Man. We had a lot to clean up.

So you can see there is a lot more to being a masseuse.
It’s NOT all sex and go.

New writers – Are you having a moment you can’t get started. Let your mind wonder, I will give you something to think about. See where it takes you. Happy writing

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Write a little or a lot.  Just  keep writing.   A scenario for you.   You have gone for your daily walk.   Heavy rain begins, you take shelter.  You hear a loud crashing sound.  What was it ?

Another way to  get you writing.  Tear up  pieces of paper. About twenty will work.  Write a single word.   Tree, Car, Walk, Sad, Happy, Lost, Accident,Vampire.  What ever comes to mind.    Take out six. See what  you  get then write something involving those words.

Happy writing,


Second snippet from my Memoir Behind Closed Doors The Masseuse by A.J.Lee

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Ava had gone to the shops to buy some more cigarettes, but she returned quickly flinging her bag under the counter.   She messed with her hair, then straightened her skirt.   I wondered why she was making such a fuss.   Then the door opened, a tall slim man walked in briskly, smiling at us.   She had obviously seen him and made a dash back.   She walked from behind the counter toward him.

‘Hi Ava, how are you doing today sweetie?’

She picked up her bag ready to take him to the room for his massage.

‘Hang on a moment,  I telephoned earlier and made an appointment to see the new lassie.   That  must be you,’ he said, turning to face me.   ‘I’m John.’

I gulped;  Ava immediately threw her bag back under the counter.  ‘Yeah that’s her.’  She sat heavily onto the the chair, tutting loudly, in annoyance.

I remembered how annoyed Gale had been at  CoCo’s when she thought I had taken one of her punters.  I didn’t want to have another confrontation.

‘Will you follow me?’ he said, holding out  his hand and bowing.

This was different – me follow him.  When he should be following  me…I smiled and picked up  my  bag.

We climbed the stairs to the first first floor.  John walked to the small room.

He opened the door, again bowing.

‘Care to  join me?’ he said, smiling

‘I’d love to join you, my  name is April.’

As I walked into the room, he gave my  bum a little slap.   I didn’t know what to make of him.   He closed the door pulling the small bolt across locking it.   He undressed placing his clothes in a neat pile on the floor next to the trestle bed.   I unfolded the towels that  were placed on the bottom of the bed.  Putting one over the pillow and the other across from him to lie on.   He got ready for his massage lying face down for me to  massage his back.

My mouth felt dry.   My heart was pounding,  I tried to hide my  nervousness.   Was he going to ask for a ‘Special?  I hoped not.   I took the bottle of oil out  of my  bag, poured oil into my hands and began his massage.  I glided my hands up his legs, over his bum, slid around his shoulders and back down his body – I hadn’t asked if he wanted oil or talc.   He was a regular at  the parlour and not many wanted a talc massage.   I now teased, my long nails running over his bum and inner thigh.  That had the desired reaction, he lifted his bum to my  hands.

‘Are you  going to do something ‘Special’ for me today April?’

‘What do you  mean?’ I asked as I continued with his massage.  ‘Can you turn over now.’

He lay on his back ready for me to continue.   I saw the obvious hard on.

‘Special, you  know sex.’

‘No…sorry I don’t do anything ‘Special’

‘Why  ever not, all the girls in here do a Special service.’ he winked at  me.

‘The only service I go as high as on the list here, is body to body, which would include an assisted bath.   There isn’t a bath in this room.

‘Oh come on lassie, you’ve got to be kidding me,’  he said with a deep  sigh and look of disappointment.

‘I’m not kidding.   It wasn’t allowed at the other parlours I worked at.   I can go and get one of the other girls for you if you  would like me too.’

‘Never you mind lassie, I like you, what  else can you  do  for me?’

‘What  about a topless?’  I suggested this as I remembered Mia telling me of his little game.  I might get a tip of five pounds.

‘If I have that, I want you  to do something special for me….NO….NO… not that.’ he laughed.  ‘I want you to leave the room and return having removed your bra.   Put your top back on, but no bra.   I hate the things.  I like to see those hanging in their natural state.

I hesitated, then continued massaging him.

‘Will you  do that for me?’  he asked, holding my hands still.  ‘Please… I’ll pay you for topless and an extra five pounds if you do.

I smiled then nodded…………